Street Works UK Vision

Street works are a vital part of ensuring safe, secure and reliable essential services, which underpin the UK economy and make a major contribution to economic growth, both directly through multi billion pound investment in utility networks and indirectly through connecting new businesses and consumers.

In 2014 Street Works UK revised its Vision for Street Works, which now consists of seven key goals. The Vision acts as a catalyst for positive change in driving up the standards of street works in the UK.


The seven key goals are:

Safety – Having a competent, caring and responsible work force whilst carrying out street works to ensure sites are kept to a high standard, through compliance with the ‘Safety at Street Works and Road Works’ Code of Practice and working with other road users to minimise road occupation where safe and practical to do so

High quality – Continuously focusing on improvement and high quality and the achievement of ‘right first time’ in all aspects of carrying out street works.

Minimise disruption – Working with local authorities to minimise disruption through effective planning, coordination and delivery of works, including traffic management utilised for the right duration to avoid unnecessary occupation

Keep the public fully informed – Communicating effectively on all aspects of street works before they take place and whilst in progress, where they impact on the public and local business

Sustainable methods and materials – Taking all practical steps to maximise the use of sustainable methods and materials and minimising the impact on the environment

Avoid damage to underground assets – Taking all reasonable steps to ensure damage to underground assets is avoided

Innovation – Actively seeking, promoting and adopting innovative ways of working using new technologies, materials and equipment to reduce the impact of street works