Street Works UK Awards 2016: Case Studies

26 Jan

Street Works UK Awards

The Street Works UK Awards are held annually at the House of Commons, and have become a fixture in the utility street works and Parliamentary calendars. The Awards showcase examples of industry innovation with the aim of driving up standards and reducing disruption. Following the Awards, the winning entries are turned into case studies and published on the Street Works UK website, as well as given out at stakeholder meetings and events.


2016 Awards – Case studies

The winners and case studies for 2016:

Safety: Balfour Beatty/South West Water Delivery Alliance – Sight Specific Initiative.

High Quality: Stanmore Quality Surfacing Ltd/Oxford Plastic Ltd – SQS & Oxford Plastics Reinstatement Depth Gauge

Minimise Disruption: Skanska Construction UK Ltd/Transport for London – Working together to minimise disruption multi-utility diversion works at Ardleigh Green Bridge, Romford.

Keep the Public Fully Informed: National Grid/Balfour Beatty/tRIIO – Mains replacement communications pilot.

Sustainable Methods and Materials: Thames Water, eight20 – eight20 achieving sustainable construction, from site operations to tea time treats.

Avoid Damage to Underground Assets: LinesearchbeforeUdig – Increasing the accessibility and visibility of utility assets through a single portal.

Innovation: Thames Water/Acoustic Sensing Technology Ltd/Lanes and NRW Utilities Ltd – SewerBatt Prioritising Sewer Cleaning and CCTV.

The Street Works UK Vision

Street Works UK's seven key goals act as a catalyst for positive change in driving up the standards of street works in the UK.