Street Works UK submits response to DfT’s street and road works further reforms: follow-up consultation

01 Mar

Street Works UK is pleased to have submitted its response to the Department for Transport (DfT)’s Street and Road Works Further Reforms: follow-up consultation.

Speaking on this, Clive Bairsto, Chief Executive of Street Works UK, said:

“We welcomed the Street Manager and Permit Scheme Changes consultation published in May 2021, and are pleased that the DfT is committed to further exploring how it can deliver its proposed changes to flexi-permits and street works inspections in a way that brings highways authorities and utilities along with them.

We continue to broadly support the overarching principles relating to flexi permits and inspections as set out by the DfT’s follow-up consultation. We recognise, however, that our members share a number of serious concerns with the proposed approaches put forward, and have made this position clear in our response. Utilities have a critical role to play in delivering vital infrastructure to level up connectivity and services throughout our communities, and proposals must match up to the scale of ambition for our sector.

As ever, Street Works UK and its members will continue to support DfT in a constructive and collaborative way to ensure policy reflects best-practice working and look forward to continuing this to achieve the right outcomes for the sector.”