Street Works UK responds to RPS 211 extension

05 Feb

Following the announcement of the Environment Agency’s Regulatory Position Statement 211 extension to June 2022, Clive Bairsto, CEO of Street Works UK has responded with this statement:

“I welcome the Environment Agency’s decision to extend RPS 211 as part of Street Works UK’s ongoing development of a protocol for utility excavated waste. The extension is a recognition of the work of our members, and is part of a wider plan to provide certainty and clarity for the general public and businesses as further work takes place to test and refine the protocol for use by all those engaged on street works.

Street Works UK remains committed to delivering a solution that is fit for purpose and protects our environment, and will work closely and collaboratively with the regulator to achieve this. I look forward to seeing the progress made through our partnership with the Environment Agency over the coming months.”