HAUC (UK) launches Street and Road Works Vision

10 Nov

The Highway Authorities and Utilities Committee (HAUC (UK)) has published a five-year Vision for Street and Road Works in the UK.

Across government, there is wide and increasing recognition of the vital role that street and road works will play in the delivery of the UK’s infrastructure priorities. To turn these plans into reality, Street Works UK and the Joint Authorities Group (JAG) have developed this Vision to help deliver an economy fit for the information and carbon-neutral age.

The Vision outlines five main themes that will be at the heart of the industry’s future work: digitalisation; innovation; skills and workforce; collaboration; environment and decarbonisation. To view the Vision document, click here.

Commenting on the launch of the Vision, Clive Bairsto, Chief Executive of Street Works UK and co-chair of HAUC (UK), said:

“As the country has risen to the challenge of Covid-19, the vital work of the street and road works sector has come into the spotlight. I am proud of how we have worked together to support workers and ensure vital services are running to keep Britain moving forward. In the spirit of this collaborative approach, I am delighted to have worked with our colleagues at JAG(UK) to develop this HAUC(UK) Vision, which sets out a blueprint for the nation’s infrastructure delivery over the next five years. I look forward to showcasing the role that Street Works UK will play in delivering these aims over the coming years.”  

David Capon, Chief Executive of JAG(UK) and co-chair of HAUC (UK), said:

“We are living through extraordinary times, with Covid-19 continuing to have a profound impact on the way we conduct our daily and working lives. I have been deeply reassured by the industry’s response to the pandemic and as we look ahead to building a better future for our country, local authorities and utilities will have a central role in delivering the vital infrastructure that will underpin prosperity. I am delighted therefore, to be supporting the launch of today’s Vision, which illustrates the collective goals shared by local authorities and utilities. To turn this Vision into a reality, it’s vital that we continue to work together by building on our common interests and demonstrating to government how our work will underpin their infrastructure ambition and upgrades.”