Conference and Awards 2021: A message from our sponsor, Skewb

15 Dec

The 2021 Street Works UK Conference and Awards were sponsored by Skewb, who would like to share the following piece.

UK companies face a herculean task to meet the government’s ambitious Build Back Better agenda. The strategic infrastructure plan that underpins this agenda requires significant amount of works on the public highway. It is imperative therefore that utilities and other promoters of works on the public
highway adopt innovative ways of working, with a view to delivering to their ambitious plans whilst
minimising disruption to the public and optimising costs, both operational and environmental, of their
Street Works operations.

Skewb provides consulting and turnaround services to Utilities and other promoters to optimise their
Street Works operations. Our street works experts can provide a holistic range of Street Works
solutions to clients, ranging from organisational design of Street Works teams to training and
outsourcing of permitry operations. Our key focus is to use innovative approaches in our proprietary
Skewb OPUS suite to support the attainment of business outcomes including, optimising the
operating costs, reducing cost of failure, improving in HA and customer reputation and increasing
operational efficiency within Street Works teams.

Once engaged with Skewb, our street works experts will use our tried and tested methodology
comprising quantitative and qualitative approaches to assess the maturity and effectiveness of
different capability domains associated with Street Works operations. The quantitative assessment is
conducted through a robust week-long exercise of loading the client’s permit data from DfT’s Street
Manager into Skewb OPUS’ Efficiency Calculator to derive a set of performance indicators that will
identify improvement opportunities from planning of permits through to engaging with the Highway
Authorities with the joined aim to minimise the occupancy of highways by Utility Works.

Clients may also choose to use products from Skewb’s innovative Skewb OPUS platform to accelerate
the attainment of targeted business outcomes. Skewb OPUS contains a suite of modular components,
each designed by street works practitioners to address specific challenges that are typical within
Utilities. For example, the Opus Workbench application which is integrated with DfT’s Street Manager,
is designed with guided “Red Book” work flows to ensure that users who are new to street works can
raise and manage permits in a controlled and predictable manner, thereby reducing potential fines
and penalties.

Our strategic partnership with One Network also affords our street works Experts with innovative
solutions that can improve the planning processes for street works as well as real time management
of permits.

Our commitment to clients is to power-up their street works operations, improving operational
efficiency by up to 30% and reducing their operating costs around street works by a similar order of

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