Street Works UK response to Specification for the Reinstatement of Openings in Highways consultation announcement

06 Mar

Clive Bairsto, Chief Executive of Street Works UK said:

“We welcome the Department for Transport’s consultation on the SROH Code of Practice. Utilities and their contractor partners are committed to undertaking work to the highest standards, with the latest published figures showing that the performance of utilities is significantly higher than local authorities in relation to the quality of reinstatements.

“However, we do not believe that proposals to increase Guarantee Periods are necessary or will be effective. The Government should not take forward proposals unless they are supported by a strong evidence base. Utilities and their contractor partners play a vital role in delivering and maintaining vital infrastructure which powers the economy, and it is crucial that any new regulations are proportionate.

“We welcome the opportunity this consultation provides to consider how the street works policy framework can encourage and enable greater innovation. This will allow utilities and their contractor partners to undertake work to an even higher standard more quickly, reducing disruption for motorists.”