Street Works UK responds to Prime Minister’s speech on net zero measures

21 Sep

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak this week delivered a speech on the Government’s decision to revise its policies on net zero. Sunak’s speech focused on reframing the net zero debate around “sensible green leadership” that finds a middle ground between the ideological extremes. The Prime Minister framed this as UK’s “over-delivery on reducing emissions” providing space to take a “more pragmatic, proportionate, and realistic approach to reaching net zero, while maintaining all our international commitments”.

Responding to the Government’s announcements, Street Works UK’s CEO Clive Bairsto said:

“Delivering new, green utility connections are essential to meet the UK’s Net Zero ambitions. It is critical that, as government sets out its plans for delivering this, it must recognise the importance of utilities continuing to deliver the connections that provides families with the heat, water, energy and connectivity that they rely on.”

“Our members remain committed to building a new generation of connections to homes, workplaces and communities and look forward to seeing the details of today’s proposals and the supporting policies so they are able to continue delivering this without delay.”