Street Works UK launches new report on ‘Digging Down to Level Up’

08 Nov

Street Works UK has published a landmark new report on the importance of ‘Digging Down to Level Up’.



The report sets out how key national priorities, including the UK’s collective mission to reach net-zero and embedding technological advancements such as superfast broadband, are driving increased demand for street and road works.

Writing in the report’s forward, Street Works UK Chief Executive Clive Bairsto said that “Hard working street works operatives already dig more than four million holes each year – a number set to grow further in the coming years” and that the policy framework governing street works activities has become more complicated over time.

The report highlights Street Works UK’s joint five-year vision, published in 2020, which sets out how industry is already working hard to overcome hurdles that could slow down delivery of infrastructure upgrades and maintenance.

It also includes a series of recommendations for local and central Government that would support the UK Government’s infrastructure priorities, whilst benefiting communities and street works operatives alike.

These recommendations include calls for greater standardisation of permit schemes and lane rental, as well as the rapid expansion of flexi-permit trials.



You can read the report and its recommendations in full here.