The Road to Net Zero Project

12 Dec


The UK has pledged to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, but most UK local authorities have set considerably more ambitious targets.

HAUC (UK) and Transport for London (TfL) have combined forces to run and fund a research project to minimise the impact of street and road works on climate change – The Road to Net Zero Project.

With many highway authorities and utilities companies now putting strategies in place, the requirement for a sector-wide critical path has never been more crucial to delivering current and future targets, providing a single source of truth to measure our progress, and an overall strategic direction.

The project wants to ensure that we’re working in collaboration across our industry to develop and implement the best strategies for carbon reduction of our street works and road works activities, contributing to the UK wide 2050 net zero targets.

Road to Net Zero Charter

The Charter is focused on meeting the challenges of achieving net zero for the UK’s street and road works sector, while considering the wider consequences of our collective actions – aligned with HAUC (UK)’s five-year vision. Read the charter here.

Road to Net Zero Project and Data Collaboration

The success of the Road to Net Zero project relies on the collective data contributions from both highway authorities and utilities. Find out more about the data collaboration statement here.

Discovery Phase

Phase 1: Discovery is now complete, which kickstarts the plan to reduce the carbon emissions in all processes and products in the sector. You can read the project update here.

Get involved

Street Works UK is proud to support this work on ensuring that the street and road works sector develops a strategic and collaborative approach for transitioning to net zero.

To show your support and sign the Charter, as well as find out more information about the project, please visit the Road to Net Zero website –


Road to Net Zero